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High-performance, sustainably made snowboards. From daily driver freeride boards to freestyle decks and surf-inspired pow sticks, our mission is to design the ultimate snowboards for every riding style that balance performance and durability with industry-leading sustainable manufacturing practices.


Snowboard tech matters, from pinpoint accuracy on critical lines all the way to make sure someone's first turns give them the taste for a lifetime of snowboarding. Since day one, Nidecker has pushed the boundaries of snowboard design so that every generation of riders since has had the chance to push themselves.


CAPiTA Snowboards are hand-crafted in Austria 
with 100% clean energy at our own manufacturing facility.


These boards feature subtle design influences drawing from the past and forward-thinking conceptual that sync with history and their reputation as the world's largest skate company.


Surface area matters more than length. Ever since designing the 420 and providing that width can provide stability and floatation traditionally associated with length, we've been on a treadmill of wordy explanations. Now we quantify it. Similar in practice to the way surfboards use volume as a key metric in board selection, surface area (measured in square decimeters: DM²), will change the way you select a board.


Santa Cruz continues to build quality snowboards with 100% wood cores for the simple fact that nothing else lasts longer, stands-up to the punishment of our riders better and performs day in and day out. In our 30 years of innovative, we’ve tried it all and have stuck to what’s tried and true – wood cores endure the test of time. That’s why you still see people riding some of our classics from back in the day.

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