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A modern freestyle classic steps it up with camber. 

The Jackpot introduced the original MidBite outline 7 years ago and has since trickled throughout the line whenever a new or updated Twin is on the roster. This year’s Jackpot is a cambered board to compliment more aggressive riding, clearly distinguishing it from the Dicey model. As the Jackpot is designed primarily as a park/resort board, it features a unique tip and tail profile that employs a sharper transition off the contact points to a flatter, more drawn-out kick. Mark Kowalchuk made the design for this skate-inspired board: “ The inspiration behind this series is based on the vibe of 90s skateboards. All the characters are stereotypes of people you might see in a casino in Vegas: —The overeater at the all-you-can-eat bar just taking advantage of the free food —The shady shades guy playing poker at the poker table —The old lady wearing comfy casual wear at the slots —The people gathered around the roulette table watching the high roller ”